Note to Followers – Address Change

A quick note to those who follow my posts. I’ve built a new website (, but your subscription may be affected.

If you’ve subscribed via email, you’re coming along with me – I’ll automatically transfer your subscription.

If you’ve subscribed via Reader through your own WordPress site, I can’t transfer your subscription. You can resubscribe via email on the righthand sidebar HERE.

I hope you enjoy the new site! I would love to hear any feedback and/or recommendations!

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 4.30.07 PM


3 thoughts on “Note to Followers – Address Change

  1. Great looking new site! I’ve been doing a bunch of WordPress development recently myself, and noticed (on the posts I checked) that you imported the blog posts over to the new site, but not the comments… if you meant to do that cool, if not maybe have a look at that.

    • Thanks Peter! I’ll have to look into switching the comments, I thought some had transferred but perhaps not. Perhaps I’ll ask you for help if I can’t figure it out!

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